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“BEAUTIFULLY DESTROYED” upscale home in Santa Monica
Posted May 2012 at 30 by

few cool shots of the Santa Monica house….



As young writers pioneering the graffiti scene in Los Angeles, freeways were our answer to Subway Trains in New York. In New York all the commuters rode subways. The writers were making social commentaries to the public on big steel canvases. We were the same youth striving to be heard here on the West Coast. In Los Angeles all the commuters drive on the Freeways. We were making our mark via urban expressionism on these big cement canvases along the sides of the freeway. The thing we had in common was  the need to get up, to be heard and or seen. To force society to recognize us and what we had to say or contribute. Now keep in mind to be heard you don’t have to write political messages. A splash of color can speak a thousand words on some mundane dilapidated building or surface. Its kind of funny when I think about years of painting these elaborate pieces with all these interlocking letters etc. I was always entranced with the final picture as a whole. The color on the surface. The total coverage, or piece placed strategically on the sprawling urban jungle. And now I have started a series called “Beautifully Destroyed”…It is a wash of color on these specific totally mundane items. Even transforming traditional paint jobs. I.E a house or a car to a wash of color.
I have traveled thousand of miles on these intertwined freeways and streets painting these interlocking pieces… its like I’ve traveled artistically thousand s of miles to get to my destination of figuring out what I want to express… I’ve finally figured out the deconstruction process that leads you to a refined final project…..

Risk has been working on a series of pieces called “beautifully destroyed” where he paints totally mundane objects. By painting these random ordinary objects with beautiful splashes of color He exposes the dynamic power of color. He believes he has found the root of his graffiti addiction through color and architecture. (for more on this visit his site riskrock.com.) Rumor has it pieces have randomly disappeared across the United States and reappeared the next day “beautifully destroyed”….
We think the artist objective is to “give back” and let these pieces take their course in society. Unfortunately the public does not get a chance to enjoy these pieces very long.
They are usually stolen very quickly and sold to collectors for exuberant prices. The artist does not get any money from this and we don’t get to enjoy them, maybe this is the “course” of our mad society…..

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