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Posted Nov 2012 at 11 by

Things come full circle. I remember painting at Bergamot station 15 years ago. It was a bunch of abandoned warehouses, getting ready to be re developed into some Gallery spaces. Many years later it seemed a perfect place to have my first Solo show. I had been writing 26 years at the time and I was all about letters. With the alphabet consisting of  twenty six letters and my writing career having been 26 years at the time it was the perfect name. The body of work consisted of each letter of the alphabet. I had a history with the location and it was another perfect fit to the puzzle. The show was a great success and a pivotal point in my artistic career. I was deeply saddened to hear the Gallery was closing. The Metro is taking the spot over and converting it to their offices and possibly a stop on the new line. I really don’t know, I kinda faded out mentally when I heard they were closing. It only seemed appropriate to say Goodbye they same way I said hello to the location…With some good old fashioned fun…

graffiti at Bergamot station 15 years ago…

Track 16 show…

Goodbye track 16….Good times!!!

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