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Risk x Gregory Siff
Posted Dec 2012 at 21 by

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine Gregory Siff flew down to Miami to help me knock out some walls. Late one night after we finished the first coat on the Shepard wall, he looked across a parking lot from the lift and said I’d like to rock that wall. The wall was the back of a local liquor store, since it was late and the streets were empty we headed over to the liquor store in the lift. After buying a few liquid snacks, we convinced the clerk to let us rock the wall. After the first coat he came running out and said the wall looked like “do do”.  We just laughed and kept throwing paint. This wall was one of the funnest walls I did while I was in Miami. It was totally spontaneous and it came out really cool, even the clerk liked it when it was done. The name of the wall is Strictly Kings And Better. It is his twist on the graffiti hall of fame. However he added various rock stars, old paint masters, and people who inspire him as well as graffiti artists. He completely gets in a zone when he paints and its very cool watching his interpretations of these portraits….Good Times


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