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Risk at POW! WOW! HAWAII 2016
Posted Mar 2016 at 14 by



After touring Asia with dates in Taiwan and Tokyo, contemporary art initiative POW! WOW! takes to its hometown Oahu, Hawaii for its 2016 festivities. Taking place over the course of Chinese New Year and the weekend of Valentine’s Day in the city’s Kakaʻako area, it goes without saying that an air of ingenuity was present, as both local and international artists brought stark, plain walls and panels to life with bold renderings. Painting feverously under the beating sun, iconic graffiti artists such as Slick, Sket One and Risk were in attendance, painting alongside new wave acts like Pantone and 1010, who use formative lines and harsh shadows to create optical illusions..(Read More Here)risk_rock_pow_wow_hawaii_2016

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