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Sunset Strip Gibson Guitar Tribute For Joe Perry

A few weeks ago I was asked to do another Sunset strip Gibson Guitar installation. Last year I did the Doors guitar and this year I was asked to do my friend and bombing partner in crime Joe Perry’s tribute guitar.  I was super stoked and the whole ordeal was a non stop great time! Here are a few progress shots of the guitar and backstage at the LA show.



Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve been asked to do this year. I participated in NBC’s The American Spirit special. Many great Americans have been asked to participate in this special over the years. The segment airs during the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Only  in America can a graffiti artist be celebrated along side President Obama and second man to walk on the moon Buzz Aldrin!   My father was on his death bed when he heard the news of this segment. We have battled over graffiti and my decision to be an artist fro many years when I was younger. I’ll never forget his smile. I was proud to give him a little light in those last few days. Rest In Peace pops!



A few weeks ago I got a call from fellow artist Logan Hicks about a project he was curating in Miami. The project was an event to bring awareness to the revitalization of the old Miami Marine Stadium by having a number of world class artists come and paint murals throughout the venue.  The stadium has been closed over 20 years. It was originally built to watch power boat races. I had heard and seen photos of the place but never had the pleasure of painting there. He sent me some photos of the spot and I couldn’t wait to get there.  If  you are not familiar with the stadium you should definitely look it up. It designed by Hilariio Candela, A Cuban born architect who at age 27 conceived a stadium that is now viewed as a masterwork of civic architecture and modern construction.  When the 326-foot-long, fold-plate roof was poured in 1963, it was the longest span of cantilevered concrete in the world.

Gloria Estevan donated a lot of money toward the project, they had a very nice reception and press conference. Later the Soho House Miami catered a reception and gave a tour of the facility. It was a great event with some really great artists. I was proud to be part of it. Here’s a few shots Logan took of my mural…