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Kelly Graval, the multi-talented Fine Artist, Illustrator, and Graffiti artist known as RISK, has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for decades. With a career spanning 30 years, RISK has solidified his place in the history books as a world-renowned graffiti legend. He has come a long way since he pioneered the painting of freeway overpasses, signs and billboards, dubbed “heavens.” Although RISK loves aerosol art, he sees it as merely just one genre in his life’s work. From his days as a student at the USC School of Fine Arts to Gallery and museum showings around the world; RISK has transformed from a street artist to a rising star in the contemporary art world.

Looking back on his pioneering work with the West Coast Artists crew to his now legendary multi-faceted approach to creativity; RISK art spans the spectrum of everything from renowned clothing brands and canvas pieces, to massive street murals that breathe life into their communities. As his notoriety became prevalent around the Los Angeles art community; it didn’t take long for RISK to become a hot commodity in the music scene. His art can be scene in music videos by everyone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ice Cube to Bad Religion and the legendary Michael Jackson. RISK has also worked with some of the most notable music festivals, musicians, and events around the globe including Coachella, the MTV Music Awards, Sunset Strip Music Festival, The Doors and of course his high profile collaboration with Aerosmith.

The next step was to take the graffiti from the streets and into the gallery. RISK accomplished this with the launch of the Third Rail series of art shows. These very successful events showcased his versatility with various mediums and styles from lettering to imagery. Consciously pushing the boundaries for graffiti as an art form, RISK pushed graffiti into a form of artistic expression that is universally recognized around the globe.

From there, the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to push creative concepts gave birth to the first authentic line of graffiti-inspired clothing, which RISK branded as THRID RAIL. With his artwork used as the designs for apparel, RISK’s art quickly became the key ingredient for one of the hottest clothing brands to emerge out of Southern California.

Today, RISK stays connected to his roots by supporting artists and giving back to the community with countless charitable endeavors. He continues to travel the globe showcasing his art, and generating media attention from the likes of The Los Angeles Times, countless magazines, NBC, Carson Daily, BBC, and many others. The mark that RISK has left on graffiti culture will be showcased in his upcoming Biography " KEEP ON KEEPIN ON ". Risk continues to break down barriers in both art and commerce while remaining grounded and respectful of the culture he helped build.

Timeline of “RISK”
Kelly Graval begins writing “SURF” at his school and throughout his neighborhood.
Kelly Graval begins writing “RISK” and launches his graffiti career.
RISK paints illegal murals around the City of Los Angeles.
RISK travels to New York to explore the ancestory of graffiti.
Risk breaks into University High School and paints murals throughout the halls, one consisting of a wave traveling from upstairs to downstairs. >
RISK creates “Locker Rockers”, a series of painted school lockers.
RISK wins National Scholastics Art Award, receives scholarship to Pasadena Art Center.
RISK paints mural which is featured on cover of January 1986 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.
RISK is featured in “Spray Can Art” book, his first graffiti publication.
RISK is featured artist in each issue of “Ghetto Art Magazine”, which later became “Can Control Magazine”.
RISK travels to New York and paints last series of running “bombed” subway trains.
RISK is the first “West Coast” based graffiti artist to be part of the New York Graffiti scene.
RISK launches legendary “Bum Rush Tour” where he and fellow writers put Los Angeles on the graffiti map.
RISK paints 4th Annual MTV Music Awards set.
After photos from the “Bum Rush Tour” appear in the historical “International Graffiti Times”, RISK. Along with fellow artist, “Slick” are chosen to represent the United States and compete in the World Graffiti contest held in England. RISK and Slick win 1st place in the competition.
RISK paints MTV Comedy at the Improv set.
RISK attends U.S.C. School of Fine Arts.
RISK paints mural at the University of Southern California. The Daily Trojan features the mural in their newspaper and later U.S.C. makes poster of mural, which is distributed to high schools across the United States.
RISK launches “Third Rail Clothing”, the clothing industries first “street art” clothing company, which he operated for nearly 15 years.
RISK is featured artist in “Fat Cap Magazine”, Oslo, Norway edition.
RISK is featured artist in the “Los Angeles Reader”.
Participates in “Gallery X” show and in “Word From The Underground: Art Is A Crime” show in Los Angeles, California.
RISK is featured in a group show with Sandow Birk, Robbie Conal, and Coax.
The Los Angeles Times features RISK and Robbie Conal in an article.
RISK is featured artist in “12 once Prophet” magazine, as well as numerous graffiti magazines.
RISK is cast for a graffiti movie “Walls of Fame”, he is the only Los Angeles graffiti artist to be characterized in movie with New York TATS crew members, “Vucan”, “Bio”, and “Lase”.
RISK works on several murals around Los Angeles.
RISK is hired as the one of the set designers and artist for Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make me Feel” music video.
RISK continues to work in the entertainment industry painting for various movies, commercials, music videos and magazines including clients such as Budweiser, Playboy, MTV, Warner Bros. and many others.
1998 – 2003
RISK operates “Third Rail Clothing”, managing the operation, design, distribution and marketing of the high successful clothing brand.
RISK spends time travelling abroad painting and studying graffiti in various regions around the world, including Germany, Switzerland, Japan, China, Korea and others,
RISK is featured in “Enamelized”, graffiti art book.
RISK is most prevalent artist in the book, “The History of Los Angeles Graffiti”.
RISK sells “Third Rail Clothing” and decides to focus his ambitions toward gallery and studio work.
RISK travels to Barcelona Spain, as a featured artist in the “Seventh Letter” exhibit held at the “Bread and Butter Show”.
RISK is featured artist in the ”Letters First Barcelona Spain” book published as retrospective.
RISK participates in “Hooray for Humans” show with fellow artists Shepard Fairey, Joe King, along with many others.
RISK is special guest artist for the Los Angeles “Red Bull’s West Coast Graffiti Party” RISK is featured in “Los Angeles Graffiti” book.
RISK is featured in “Graffiti L.A. Street Styles and Art” book.
RISK travels to the Philippines and Hong Kong to paint for “Tribal” exhibition, which is featured in the “Beyond the Four” DVD.
RISK debuts “Twenty-six”, his first Los Angeles Solo exhibit at Track 16 Gallery at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California.
RISK participates in the “IRONLAK Paint Live” exhibit at the Mid City Gallery in Los Angeles.
RISK paints live at “King’s Destroy” DVD release at 33Third, a Los Angeles based paint store.
RISK travels to Korea for the “Seventh Letter” Korea Tour for the R-16 World Urban Street Competition, where he is featured artist painting in an exhibition at the Olympic Arena in South Korea.
RISK attends Art Basel Miami and paints mural with various “Seventh Letter” artists including “ RISK travels to Barcelona, Spain and paints various murals around the city.
RISK paints “live” in Downtown San Diego at the “Gaslamp Artist Showcase”.
RISK participates in “Sinless Design Art and Lifestyle” exhibit, a group show in Long Beach, California.
RISK is featured artist for an interview in “Rime Magazine” and appears as an App in iTunes.
RISK is featured artist in the March issue of “Juxtapoz Magazine” in a 14 page retrospective on the artist and his solo show.
RISK is featured in a worldwide calendar, collaborating with landscape artists Jay Griffith and Lee Jaffee.
RISK launches www.RISKROCK.com, his website and blog.
RISK participates in the “San Rio Show” at Art Basel Miami.
RISK is featured artist in “Frank 151 Magazine” David Choe produces a video entitled “Presenting Risk at Basel” documenting Risk and his art at Art Basel Miami.
RISK is major contributor in ground and record breaking Los Angeles MOCA “Art in The Streets” exhibit. RISK completes a mural with Lee Quinones on the outside of the museum, completes an individual mural on the inside of the museum, along with painting a city transit bus which was parked in front of MOCA.
RISK participates in the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art “Street Cred” show.
RISK has a solo gallery show at the Corey Helford Gallery located in Culver City. California.
RISK collaborates with fellow artist, “Retna” for the Ocean @ RISK House to bring awareness to the restoring and protecting the world’s oceans benifiting Heal the Bay and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
RISK shows at SCOPE during Art Basel Miami with the Corey Helford Gallery.
LA Weekly mentions RISK in 3 of the top 10 Street Art Stories of 2011, including the MOCA “Art in the Streets” show, The Oceans @ RISK House and the Los Angeles skytyping event with fellow artists “Saber” and “Revok”) RISK participates in two collaboration shows with Nathan Ota at Minna Gallery 111 in San Francisco and at the Le Basse projects in Los Angeles.
RISK completes a massive “Beautifully Destroyed” mural during Art Basel Miami.
RISK is featured speaker at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
RISK is featured in the “History of American Graffiti” book.
RISK is featured in Malibu Magazine interview.
RISK is chosen to be artist representative for AIDS Awareness campaign.
RISK is featured in Abrams publishing book of “Graffiti 365”.
RISK is featured in Shiffer publishing book of “From The Platform 1983-1989”
RISK competes massive mural in Downtown Los Angeles Art District raising awareness to the Los Angeles Mural Moratorium and benifting the LA Freewalls Project.
RISK is featured artist in “Blue Canvas Magazine, which does a special fold out cover and a 16 page interview.
RISK participates in a collaboration show with the Dennis Hopper Estate.
RISK participates in a Louisiana Museum show with Nathan Ota.
RISK shows at SCOPE in New York with the Corey Helford Gallery.
RISK is approached by A&E Network to participate in new reality television series to be determined.
RISK is featured artist in Sanrio’s Hello Kitty book entitled “Hello Kitty Hello Art”.
RISK travels to London with the Corey Helford Gallery to paint The London Pleasure Gardens with Ron English and Sheppard Fairey in correlation to the 2012 Olympics.
RISK paints at the Hampton Court Palace, home of Henry the 8th, benifiting the Royal Horiculture Society.
RISK has a collaboration art show at the Black Rat Gallery, along with fellow artist Ron English.
RISK has “solo pop up show” at private Santa Monica estate, entitled “Old Habits Die Hard”.
RISK has an art show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, along with fellow artist, Colin Christianson.
RISK participates in the “Public Works” billboard project erecting original art work in Los Angeles, in conjunction with LA Freewalls Project.
Risk shows at Opera Gallery in London and travels to Paris, with fellow artist, “SEEN”.
RISK and SEEN begin planning and working on body of work for an “Extravaganza Style” show for 2013.
RISK opens “RISKROCK Studios” and “BUCKSHOT Prints” from newly constructed studio with state of the art equipment.
RISK paints Los Angeles Skid Row mural inconjunction with Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.
RISK paints various large scale murals throughout Los Angeles.
RISK participates in the “Babytatooville 2012”, a exclusive meeting of artist and collectors in California.
RISK participates in an art show at Riverside Metropolitan Museum of the Arts.
RISK participates in Stay High tribute show in conjunction with on line auction via DirtyPilot.com RISK shows at Known Gallery in Los Angeles for Hello Kitty show.
RISK Shows at OPERA Gallery London’s Urban Masters show.
RISK is featured artist for MOCA TV’s video of the Skid Row Housing mural.
RISK is featured in Arrested Motion, 1283 Magazine, and Miami Herald for his Beautifully destroyed series at Art Basel Miami.
RISK travels to Mexico City to paint Mural, has two record breaking signings lasting four hours each.
Risk shows at Open House Gallery in New York for the Hello Kitty show. RISK dominates mural scene at Art Basel in Miami by painting multiple large scale murals throughout the city.
RISK Collaborates with fellow artist, Gregory Siff on a large public mural for his beautifully Destroyed series in Miami.
RISK Collaborates with fellow artist, Mear One on a large public mural for his beautifully Destroyed series in Miami.
RISK Collaborates with fellow artist, Anthony Lister on a large public mural for his beautifully Destroyed series in Miami.
RISK Collaborates with fellow artist, Mr. Cartoon on a large public mural for his beautifully Destroyed series in Miami.
RISK Collaborates with fellow artist, Shepard Fairey on a large public mural for his beautifully Destroyed series in Miami.
RISK paints 2nd mural fro Los Angeles skid Row housing trust in Conjunction with Museum Of Contemporary Arts Los Angeles.
RISK is the first artists sanctioned by the Los Angeles Unified School District and paints Will Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica California. Mural featured in Santa Monica Daily Press and multiple other various publications.
RISK is presented with an award for outstanding community service and a brunch is hosted by the New Shul of Westlake California in his honor
RISK is asked to contribute a piece for the “Getty Museum’s Special Collections”
RISK shows at the Correy Helford Gallerys “Shade” show
RISK is awarded a billboard displaying his art by Art Share Los Angeles
RISK is commissioned by the KEY Club to paint a Commemorative mural of the Sunset Strip.
RISK travels to Paris and participates in the Chelles Battle Pro where he is a featured artist with Mode 2. He paints various murals and is visited by the Mayor.
RISK is hired as creative consultant by Sonny Music Groups’ Karmin
RISK is sponsored by OSIRIS shoes and hired as creative consultant
RISK paints Doors tribute guitar and does press release with the band as they sign it. The guitar was later Auctioned off by Bonham and Butterfields auction house.
Private collector who bought the guitar commissions RISK to paint 3 more.
RISK featured in Mass Appeal Magazine.
RISK shows at Inner City Arts show with fellow artists Shepard Fairey, and Robbie Conal
RISK travels to Prague where he does canvas work on site to be auctioned of to help flood victims. He paints various murals and does signing covered by local news.
RISK is asked to paint live at STYLE WARS 30 year anniversary screening at the Academy Awards. While Director Henry Chalfant conducts Q & A.
RISK is picked as first artist to create Sunset Strip Music Festival’s annual limited edition print.
RISK Travels to Canada where he has solo show, paints multiple murals, and ads 2 beautifully destroyed buildings to his series. He also conducts two separate seminars for teachers and students. The trip is covered by multiple Canadian newspapers, television stations, and radio stations. He is granted temporary residence for 3 weeks to be able to enter the country and do this.
RISK is featured artist for MOCA TV’s artist curates series in conjunction with YOU TUBE.
RISK conducts seminar for the Young Presidents Organization of America
RISK paints various murals in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District, and donates money to the Los Angeles mural Conservatory program. Featured in L.A. Times.
RISk releases limited edition HPM’s with fellow Artist Shepard Fairey
RISK releases limited edition HPM’s with Fabien Castanier Gallery
RISK Paints two more Skid Row housing murals. These two are collaborations with fellow artists Shepard Fairey.
RISK is hired to consult and execute national advertising campaign for SONY in conjunction with TIVO
RISK has solo show at the Fabien Castanier Gallery Los Angeles
RISK builds and launches Buckshot Prints new print shop at Riskrock Studios with state of the art equipment.
RISK is asked, and starts to edit solo Risk FRANK 151 book.
RISK schedules solo show at Art Basel Hong Kong for 2014
RISK becomes is issued stock as partner in COLDCOCK whiskey in exchange for celebrity endorsed artist roll in the company.
RISK is featured artist in “ARTWORKS FOR A CURE” charity art show at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica for the T.J. MARTELL FOUNDATION.
RISK is given stock in COLDCOCK whiskey ad signed to endorse the company
RISK is invited to judge the annual Estria Foundation graffiti battle held in Oakland Cal.
RISK releases his signature series Can Man toy at Comicon in San Diego and sells out.
RISK is featured in BWATT MAGAZINE
RISK Launches BUCKSHOTPRINTS.COM and continues to successfully produce and sell limited edition HPM’s
RISK does multiple interviews including THE HUNDREDS, ARRESTED MOTION, RED BULL’s RED BULLETIN
RISK team up with Miller beer to launch Miller Fortune
RISK has show titled INNOCENCE LOST with Fellow artist Nathan Ota at Corey Helford Gallery
RISK partners up again with Shepard Fairey. This time they paint two murals downtown fro the Skid Row Housing Commission. They are given Permit #1 after decades of mural moratorium
RISK signs with Coors Light to launch and promote seasonal can designs. He travels to Detroit to launch the Shattered design, they produced 4 small videos and painted multiple murals
RISK travels to Coachella music festival to paint live and launch Coors Light Splattered summer brew design.
RISK does 2014 Coachella print
RISK unveils roof top mural sponsored by Coors light 500 people win raffle to attend unveiling
RISK and members of Aerosmith go painting around LA to announce the bands new tour.
RISK appears on TMZ after authorities try to prosecute RISK for AEROSMITH stunt
RISK appears on NBC’s fourth of July firework extravaganza for the American Spirit
RISK appears on Late Night With Carson Daily. The show visits his studio and does an exclusive expose
RISK travels to Miami to paint the Miami Marine Stadium in conjunction with Gloria Estevans fundraiser
RISK Appears on the BBC NEWSHOUR expose, Veteran Graffiti Artist RISK On His Evolving Art Form
RISK is asked to paint tribute guitar for AEROSMITHS guitarist Joe Perry for the Sunset Strips Gibson Guitar project..
RISK signs deal to launch book
RISK, is commissioned by Las Vegas Downtown projects to paint multiple murals throughout Las Vegas
RISK is picked to have first digital art show on Sunset blvd by city of West Hollywood cultural affairs. His billboards change every 12 seconds o different images for month of August
RISK is featured on ABC news for his collaboration with Gibson GuitarTown on the Sunset Strip
RISK opens Buckshot Gallery with Kevin Regime Management and Howard Spunt
RISK curates Buckshot’s opening show entitled “Noche De Calaveras” featuring: Seen, Tristan Eaton, Nathan Ota, Estevan Oriol, Slick, Andrew Hem, David Flores, Everlast, Evidence, O.G. Abel, Phil Frost, Saber, Sonny Boy, Van Styles, Aaron Thomas, Axis Valhalla, Cyrcle, Ernie Cefalu, Franco Vescovi, Kenny Scharf, Lamour Supreme, Meggs, Sharktoof, Steven Lippman, Y Mas
RISK paints live at the Rock on the Range Festival in Columbus, Ohio aand is billed as a headlinig act
RISK is chosen artist to fly to Hawaii fro the POW WOW Hawaii, and flies to Hawaii, paint s large mural and releases sold out print edition
RISK shows at Hawaii’s Honolulu Museum Of Art
RISK is endorsed by PCP automotive paints to promote their brand by using products at RiskRock studios
RISK shows at Buckshot gallery, “Unconventional Forces” Risk X Jim Evans
RISK paints mural along the Metro Rail line in Santa Monica at legendary Bergamot Station with fellow artist Shepard Fairey
RISK hosts the Ink & Iron Festival in Long Beach, Ca., creates official print and paints live as well as has private showing on the Queen Mary
RISK is guest editor for Crave Magazine. Magazine produces the 15 minute documentary “Risk, Portrait of a Street Artist”
RISK hired as Executive Producer of Vandal movie
RISK creates a multi media installation at Welcome To Rockville, in Jacksonville Florida. His installation consists of painting a yacht craned into the venue
RISK publishes a 350-page monograph of over 700 images with Detroit printmakers, 1xRUN & cultural curator Roger Gastman, entitled “Old Habits Die Hard”
RISK does book tour/signings throughout select cities
RISK does set design for NBC's the Voice and paintings are featured on Multiple NBC shows
RISK painting is featured on NBC’s America’s next..
RISK Guest edits Crave Magazine Online
RISK guest edits Citizens Of Humanitys cover story and facilitates interview with Angelina Jolie
RISK produces a mural for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, in New Orleans
RISK curates release with 1XRun
RISK is hired to curate the renovation of the historic Mayfair Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.
RISK creates limited edition print for Brit Week.
RISK is awarded an ambassador acknowledgment for “Rock Against Trafficking” Risk also creates a logo for the cause.
RISK is featured artist at LA Fashion Week. He also creates series of prints. Loreal hosts the release with fashion runway, band, and art show
RISK is featured at the debut of Complex Con in Long Beach, Ca, in partnership with Mass Appeal
RISK finished Executive Production and cameo work in the forthcoming feature film “Vandal” shot in Miami. Risk also creates body of work for the movie
RISK enters into negotiations to be first feature artist Sponsored Artist by Monster Energy
RISK paints designer desk for Roche Bobois. Ocean Drive Magazine hosts the opening with Risk, Heidi Klum, and Venus Williams.
RISK is featured artists at Legendary Winwood Walls curated by Goldman Global in Miami
RISK shows at Goldman Global Gallery, during art week 2016 in Miami
RISK shows at CONTEXT ART FAiR Miami 2016, during Art basel
RISK shows at Wyn 212 gallery in Miami
RISK is named brand Ambassador for Coors light at the Kaboo festival in Del Mar Cal. Risk paints installation to kick off opening of festival and shows work throughout the festival
RISK is first artists chosen by Pasadena Art Center College of Design to paint exterior mural on campus. *this is very special to risk as he met Keith Haring here years prior and set out to become a contemporary artist that would “one day have an exhibition like Keith at Art Center”
RISK shows at Pasadena Art Centers “ Outside In” retrospective on street artists that have become iconic in design
RISK is hired by Nike to create a wall for Hurley's US Surf Open where he does an installation in conjunction with Fender Guitars
RISK paints Rolls Royce for Sur le Mur
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