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Posted Jan 2015 at 06 by

Risk is featured on ABC 7 NEWS for the creation of the Joe Perry tribute guitar which currently sits sits in Gibson GuitarTown on the Sunset strip in Los Angeles. – Click Here to Watch -

Posted Aug 2014 at 30 by

A few weeks ago I was asked to do another Sunset strip Gibson Guitar installation. Last year I did the Doors guitar and this year I was asked to do my friend and bombing partner in crime Joe Perry’s tribute guitar.  I was super stoked and the whole ordeal was a non stop great time! […]

Posted Aug 2014 at 18 by

Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve been asked to do this year. I participated in NBC’s The American Spirit special. Many great Americans have been asked to participate in this special over the years. The segment airs during the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Only  in America can a graffiti artist be celebrated along […]

Posted Jul 2014 at 06 by

A few weeks ago I got a call from fellow artist Logan Hicks about a project he was curating in Miami. The project was an event to bring awareness to the revitalization of the old Miami Marine Stadium by having a number of world class artists come and paint murals throughout the venue.  The stadium […]

Posted Jul 2014 at 06 by

Had fun with this one few weeks back at the Design Bar, a place for creative workshops…Good times….  

Posted Jun 2014 at 04 by

Limited edition of 20 HPM’s will be released tomorrow June 4th at noon on BUCKSHOTPRINTS.COM. Artist: RISK Title: NOBODYS FAULT BUT MINE Edition: 20 HPM (Hand-Painted Multiple) Size 22″x34″ Description: Originally designed for the 2014 Coachella Music festival. I decided to do a HPM edition and release one as a giclee for the festival. Each […]

Posted May 2014 at 21 by

Recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys from Aerosmith. Turns out they are big street art fans and really into art as a whole. Joe Perry wanted to go bombing so we  went out one night and hit some Aerosmith pieces. He was so into it we went about five nights […]

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