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Posted Oct 2015 at 08 by

Don’t forget to join Risk at the ArtCenter’s 85th Anniversary Exhibition Celebration! The opening night is tonight, October 8th. See below for more information!

Posted Sep 2015 at 30 by

Legendary Graffiti Writer/Artist Kelly “RISK” Graval Partners With Regime Management’s Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel & Local Entrepreneurs Howard Spunt and Bryan Spunt To Open New Buckshot Art Gallery October 17 Graffiti Artist and innovator/icon RISK has announced his new partnership with Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel from Regime Management, and local entrepreneurs/philanthropists Howard Spunt […]

Posted Sep 2015 at 18 by

Buckshot Gallery is set for its first Exhibition on October 17th, 2015 *** Graffiti originator/Artist and icon RISK has announced his new partnership with Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel from The Regime Management, and local entrepreneurs/philanthropists Howard Spunt and Bryan Spunt, for the grand opening of the Buckshot Art Gallery in Santa Monica, California.The art gallery will feature a balanced blend of both […]

Posted Sep 2015 at 09 by

Risk stops by the Special Olympics to show some love and his taste on Art! See the pictures below for the full experience. Photos by Birdman.

Posted Sep 2015 at 09 by

  RISK has always been about taking risks. What kind? Whatcha got? Street Art? A blank wall, bus, or train car? To quote the title of RISK’s new beautifully illustrated hardcover memoir, “Old Habits Die Hard”, there is no risk too great for this legendary artist. New Orleans’ French Quarter was where the Strip Club […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.27.10 PM
Posted Aug 2015 at 19 by

Old Habits Die Hard: An Interview With RISK The L.A. legend talks bombing trains, documenting the past, and getting clowned by RIS crew. Words by Jamie Maleszka / Friday, July 31st, 2015 Photos courtesy of 1xRun RISK is the Zeus atop the Mount Olympus of L.A. writing culture. He’s scaled “heavens,” bombed buses, planes, and […]

Posted Aug 2015 at 18 by

Thanks to my boys over at The Seventh Letter for supporting the new book and putting the signing together. Come stop by.. #goodtimes

Posted Jul 2015 at 28 by

Risk is doing a special book signing at The Legacy Show August 1st.. Come on by.. ‪#‎goodtimes‬

Posted Jul 2015 at 16 by

The new book “Old Habits Die Hard” brough to you by Risk, has dropped TODAY! Click HERE for more information!

Posted Jun 2015 at 10 by

Risk will be joining OG Abel, Nathan Ota, Sel, Pyro, Zane, Sonny Boy and other artists at this year’s Ink N’ Iron Festival in Long Beach, Ca. June 12-13-14, 2015 .. The festival will include a variety of artists, tattoos, live music, meet & greets, live art activities, and more!! Art Gallery brought to you by Buckshot […]

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