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I got a call to come down to the Banksy,  “Exit Through The GIFT SHOP” premier. They asked me if I wanted to catch a few tags on the red carpet. They added and help some of the lesser coordinated celebrities hold the cans properly as they attempted to catch tags. My mind started running with the possibilities. I got their early surveyed the situation and waited for my moment to get busy. By the time they saw what was going on I was almost done. When the owner of the limo started freaking out, The Banksy camp handled it like champs. They, laughed, handed me an all access pass and shuffled me in. In all the confusion the tags crept off the graffiti designated truck and onto the limo. When I came out The Limo was completely BOMBED!!!

movie sign

Waiting in the cut as they set up ….

red carpetAs the tow truck was parked after dropping off the box trailer that was supposed to be tagged, I saw my opportunity and started…

kneeling between tow truckWhen the Tow truck pulled out, The shit started hitting the fan, I had to hurry up….

action shotChanel 7 ABC, catching the drama about the bombed limo confusion…

chanle 7Super Quick, but gotter done….

finished ieceWhen I came out that night after the after party, That thing was BOMBEDDD!

night limo shot

Another great night! Good times!!!

night shot


This is the wall I did this weekend, for the Osiris X Risk collection. I did a collage of Osiris pieces in all pink red and purple hues. I decided to do a collage because the print will be cut placed in various pattern sections on a girls hi top. With all the different placement of the pieces on the wall it will be easy to make out the Osiris and aesthetically still look like a pattern print.


Puttin In Work….Golden oldies….

Thanks to Roger Gastman at RRock Enterprises.  have been able to go thrugh 100o’s of old flicks recently. Roger is the editor of my book. He and his staff have archived literally two chests of pictures of my life. It was a long process it took over two years. I wish I could post them all, but it would just take too long. I also have to save some of the real good stuff my Book coming out toward the end of the year! Here’s a handful of safe to post stuff….

This was the “first” piece at the Panic Zone legendary spot off of the 10fwy downtown L.A. We came across this brown buffed section of the wall, probably over some buffed gang writing. The wall was completely bare with no tags or gang writing. We hit this in 83 it took a few years before this spot turned into an actual yard and people started hitting it. The piece said Severe Risk. The outline was done by Soon, Severe Racked the paint, and we all painted it… That was the first time I used krylon engine paint. We racked it from an auto part store, everything except the beige was engine paint. The beige were these big cans of 99 cent beige sold at builders emporium. ( the first big building chain and MEGA RACK spot!!!)

severe_risk_panic zone

severe_risk_panic zoneSh*#!! was soo tight, I had to post it twice!

I don’t know if you know where this one is……Read about it in the book…..Its the S#%T!!!

RISKY_redline tunnel

This was a full color banger on the center divider. Ket was in town from NY so we had to go big.

risk 101 center divider

This piece was at the motor yard. I went over a rival crew but wanted to clown them so I had slick bust these nifty characters…We wrote “For all the biters who bite and dis, BITE THIS!!!”

dicks piece risk and slick

This was a SUR outline Cartoon did and I rocked it. WCA did that a lot back in the day.  I busted it on Crenshaw and Toons rocked these characters. Check out young Toons….

risk sur piece on CrenshawFlame

Old Playboy Magazine shoot

I showed up to the Playboy building on Sunset Blvd. I was walking through huge life size photos of Playmates and naked girls. They took me into a studio and told me to do my thing…Ten minutes later everyone was coughing and freaking out. They had to stop and postpone until they could find an outdoor location. As I was getting in my car I saw this little wall in the parking lot. I jumped out rocked it, and went back in and said.” I’m done”…They were all confused…20 minutes later the whole building was standing outside in the parking lot watching a playmate shoot….Good Times!



some of you may not know OG Abel, and Mister Cartoon were killin em way back! When Mr Cartoon, was Flame, OG Abel was Sphere. They were in a crew called D.E.F. with Clever R.I.P. Toons taught me how to do the chrome letters, That was mind blowing back then. and this character by Shpere was equally as impressive…..

Sphere AKA Abel

Flames Hot Rod Mag piece in works…

hot rod

Finished piece San Pedro Boys club….That chrome was da S#@t!


WCA vs K2S Battle

The WCA vs K2S battle was the first big Los Angeles battle. It set the stage for many great battles to come. Slick vs Hex etc. Here are a few shots from that night at Belmont….

Battle2from left t right on top…GREEN, DREAM, and COOZ, bottom PYRO

The Battle

Cooz, Rival R.I.P., Green, Dream, Risky, and local kid watching finishing touches

WCA BAttle ConnectRival, Risk, Sed, piece from battle…This is after we re did our shit. The whole wall was mysteriously dissed the same night, we showed up early and fixed it before anyone ever knew it was dissed. To this day I don’t think people knew that all the pictures of this battle are actually the re done wall…..