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Risk Meets With City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Live at KABC

With all the recent negative hype about Graffiti. I decided to be pro active rather than reactive. I realized this will take some patience and many small baby steps. My first goal was to get “on air” and establish the difference between the various types of graffiti. Peak interest and open door for dialogue. Peter Tilden on KABC talk radio was open minded and realized quickly the difference between art and vandalism. He was also quickly aware that there are many more issues the public needs to explore while visiting the subject of graffiti.

He agreed to contact City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, and invite him down to discus the Merits of graffiti on air. City attorney Trutanich agreed and we met on Monday live in the studio at KABC. My primary goal was to have the city attorney acknowledge that there are positive aspects of graffiti, not all graffiti is bad. He felt that what I was doing was positive and agreed to meet with me in the near future to discuss more issues and aspects. He was interested enough to go look at a piece I had done a week earlier in the parking lot where he asked some general questions about the technique and process.

This was a great step in the right direction. City attorney Trutanich will never condone illegal graffiti. This was never the issue, however maybe he will be willing to help develop some programs for youth interested in art. My goal is to develop something positive for kids interested in Graffiti art. To stop spending tax payers money on fraudulent buffing contracts and use the money more wisely , effective, and positive. Graffiti was once the voice of the ghetto now its the voice of a generation….SPEAK LOUD AND PROUD….

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KABC has agreed to continue the graffiti dialogue… We’ll keep you posted…

Frank151 Seventh Letter Issue… RISK Interview

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Release Date: Summer 2010

The Seventh Letter was founded in 2000 by the rumored leader of the infamous West Coast graffiti crews AWR MSK to act as a platform for crew members to showcase their work in the form of fine-art exhibitions, apparel, and other special projects.

The Seventh Letter is an army of artistic individuals with roots not just in graffiti, but also in fine art, tattoo, graphic design, sculpture, photography, and music. Based in Los Angeles, The Seventh Letter’s tentacles have spread around the world to cities including San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Jersey City, London, Paris, Milan, Naples, Budapest, Tokyo, Cologne, Seoul, and Bangkok.

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you’ve probably seen The Seventh Letter’s work—boldly rolled in white paint across a New York City wall, carefully worked onto a movie billboard in Australia, touring France on the side of a commuter train, or featured in a Los Angeles Gallery. Frank Book Chapter 41: The Seventh Letter features the world’s most notorious art collective, showcasing not only the crew’s art, but also the individual members’ interests and personal archives.

Dreams “Risky” piece at Belmont tunnel 91

Steve Grody just sent me this shot. It’s a shot of a piece that DREAM did for my in 91 at the Belmont Tunnel. I think it was gone by the time I went down there. I don’t remember ever seeing this piece. I probably thought Dream was bulls@#*ing me. Anyway in case I didn’t tell you 19 years ago, Thanks big dog!

pg_30,___Risky___Dream,_BT,_8-91<1Photo…Steve Grody


POSE, KC, EWOK, SEVER EKLIPS, and Myself went out to Minnesota to rep for Seventh Letter at the Soundset Event. It was an awesome trip. One of those trips that has tons of stories…… from being caught in the middle of a parking lot shoot out, to laughing hysterically  at a” wanna be” riot that tore through 5 floors of a parking lot but never really got going There was never a dull moment,… The legend of COOL BREEZE was created!, I can’t even type this without cracking up…. Here’s a few photos of some of the graff….



RISK and POSE van in parking lot…..


SEVENTH LETTER VAN in parking lot








18,000 happy people….


THANKS to IRONLAK, RHYMESAYERS, AND SOUNDSET for your great hospitality and taking care of us! Good lookin out!!!

Risk San Diego “Tribal….walls of fame”

Went down to visit my peeps at Tribal. The west wing of the warehouse that was divided as partially events and P.O.D. rehearsal studio. This wing recently closed down because they are they are looking into buying a new building. This spot had some legendary pieces and people come through. I wanted to get one last shot of the heavy hitter wall. I asked bobby if he still had the key and he smiled, and we got busy….


I recycled an old OG ABEL wall and blended in a MSK piece…


I usually stay away from the political/social cometary  art train, however this current situation just hit home too much! SAVE THE REDNECK RIVIERA!!!!


Had a chance to grab a flick of an old piece I did for my daughters 3rd birthday….

risk peque tribal

My youngest came down to help me out…Her first B and E with pops! Good times!!!


” I can go to jail for this, dad?”