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RISK, SE3 aka HAZE, REVOK, RIME…the lost art form…

Last week, I had the pleasure of painting with my man HAZE, aka old school legend SE3, REVOK, and RIME. It was really cool just bombing. It’s almost as if hand styles and throw ups are becoming a lost art form. It was awesome painting with SC3, old school king of the line, Revok with his super innovative hand style, and Rime is a straight up throw up master! We just found a nice alley downtown and straight up bombed. We put up our crew’s and fallen hero’s. If you read all the tags there are a lot of heavy hitters on that wall! When we were done we used black and white and caught some throw ups. On the way out Haze, Rime and myself couldn’t resist hitting some metal and caught a roll up….Good times!!









Venice Beach, Travis Barkers “The Cool Kids”

I got a call from my guys at the Wild Ones. Travis was filming a video for his solo project and asked if we wanted to rock some pieces. When I got there I couldn’t help but bomb. This was my old stomping grounds. I had spent countless hours there in the middle of the night over the years. It looked soo crazy, all the walls are about half the size. They tore many of the old buildings down but the craziest thing is they just let the sand take over the pavilion. The cement tables and benches are still there about two feet under the sand. Crazy! These cones were old BBQ/fire pits! these were actually the chimneys. They were so tall when the floor was six feet down and I was a kid. Anyway it was a good time seeing old friends and bombing the beach…..






Mission accomplished!……


Downtown Progress

I did this piece last week during the heat wave. I was painting at night because it was too hot during the day. Of course the day I finished the weather changed and it cooled off! It’s ok, I’m not finished, I still have to ad a character for the “I” and I’m going to spray some car kandy’s and maybe some flake in the fill. I included a photo with me in front to show the size… This one was for Saber, he kept telling me he wanted to see me do a huge letter piece….Here you go my brotha!…..



Downtown LA wall revamp

Unfortunately a wall that I did with my man BATES has been aging hard, and needs some TLC. I went down today to get busy but the wall was so bad it needed to be scraped, and power washed before it would hold any more paint. DANNY TREJO stopped by to check out the progress. He did a little scraping and told me to make sure people know “he got down on this wall” So now you know!

IMG_1146Years of layers of paint!!!….

IMG_1143My WEST COAST ARTIST brother Mister Cartoon is sprucing his wall up next to it as well. He is adding detail and color to his iconic “LA” Piece…..



Recently Abel and myself were asked to participate in Blackbook Sessions 8. It is a non profit organization that among a variety of other positive things raises over 100,000.00  for scholarships per year. The turnout was great the work was sick, and it was a great time. Here are a few shots of our piece. For more info check out



We dedicated out mural to my man who passed away on my bike a few years back. The event happened to fall on his annual memorial ride. I couldn’t be there with you on Saturday my brother. “RIDE IN PEACE”….. Frank Arana September 13 1973 – July 12 2007. These Greens were the colors of both of our bikes.


IMG_1111My biggest fan!…..