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Wild Style Screening….

Been a crazy week…. I  have been locked up in the studio all week, finishing a few pieces. Since I sold them a while back and had long spent the money, I thought it was a god idea to finish them. Anyway the reason I mention these paintings is the fact that life really does imitate art. I have been spending a lot of time deconstructing my pieces, thinking about elements that have played throughout the years, and that I felt needed to be re visited. The natural landscape of tag ridden walls, the bubble background, the architectural aspects of a letter in its purest form…  Besides just concentrating on the Aesthetic aspects of graffiti I found myself mind traveling 28 years back, thinking about all the people and monumental iconic things that had such an impact on me. Among these I couldn’t help but thinking about Subway Art, Style Wars, and Wild Style. These were so important to the evolution of Graffiti world wide. It has been my life goal and journey to be one of these iconic figures. Although I am humbled and appreciative of all the blessings my people in  LA , give me I know I have just scratched the surface and I have light years to go….. With saying all that I had the pleasure to hang out with LEE recently. Lee, came down to the Seventh Letter Frank 151 signing last Friday, and I had the pleasure of joining him, along with Fab 5 Freddy, Charlie Ahearn, and Patti Astor, on Sunday to see a screening of Wild Style.  As I sat outside in the grass in a cemetery watching a Style wars projected on a funeral home ( only in Hollywood!!) with the director, and cast. I couldn’t help but to think of my journey, as I was watching their depiction of the same journey many years earlier. I felt as if I was in twilight zone. Living something I had been through before, after already having been influenced by this same movie over two decades earlier. I had done this tour already, and now I’m doing it again, so many years later. It’s really crazy, what goes around comes around and as long as your art progresses the ride keeps getting better….


LaBrea Blvd. LA

Last weekend a few friends asked me to come rock this wall off LaBrea Blvd. When we got there we saw this prime spot on the corner, and we got busy. We decided to go with a simple piece and play with different elements. Were going to paint the ceiling florescent, install black lights and paint the floor as if the wall is dripping. Depending on the budget we may also install some coral like sculptures, as to look as if your looking into a fish bowl. The studio was very cool. Many classic martial arts movies are filmed inside. We were able to see and play with a bunch of cool stuff I.E. a foam pit, play with Bruce Lees personal training board etc. Good times, I love LA!

IMG_0410Its bigger than it looks check out the double doors for the scale…..


Bruce Lees personal training post….


I’m going to do a feature on Pan Pacific for the  LOST LEGENDS series next month. It was such a legendary spot in LA Graffiti. Soon bombed it in 82 or 83, about a year later we bombed it and played cat and mouse with the guards, Jim and Filipe. Then in 84 the flood gates opened. Although we bombed yards during the day, they still weren’t legal. This is a shot of the first legal day of the first legal spot in LA….THE PAN PACIFIC AUDITORIUM…


WEST FC pan pacific 85

West at Pan Pacific when he came down in 85. He showed us the best tips and where to rack them. Then everyone got on the ghost fill fever!….Check the light blue GEO tag (RIP). wRite In Power my brotha! Also a COOZ tag. COOZ and I are doing a collaboration show in September. Until last week, I had not seen him since then!!! Cooz will be  posting his contribution to the ” LA Lost Legends” series on next week. I will post a lot of classic old photos.