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The MACLAIM TEAM are in town to help us kick off the grand opening of the Montana LA store. I’ll have the pleasure of painting with them around town this week. We will also be painting live at the MONTANA STORE LA grand opening this Friday. We’ll have a taco truck, bar, giveaways and the whole shabang! Come check it out…..


HORIMYO Visits Studio

Recently Willie T came by to shoot the collaboration piece I’m doing with Nathan Ota. He brought along Horimyo, a friend visiting from Japan. Horimyo does traditional tattoo work like the masters of the past. No machines just old school, he is a true artisan!


get-attachmentA little sketch he did while we drank a few and waited for the grub!




Machete Video

Click link to see video…..

Machete LA Premiere at Orpheum Theatre from SA Studios Global on Vimeo.


A few weeks ago Danny came down to check out Cartoon and I rocking this wall downtown. The wall needed to be scraped before I got busy. Machete himself, helped me out. no wonder he was soo good with the blade!!!!


“The DRIVER”, is an animated TV series coming out soon. At the producer request, I can only show my wallpaper thus far….  I recently worked with the creator placing real pieces on walls around the city, that he animated for the game. This was a real blast from the past, I hit some of these spots over 20 years ago……We will post more soon!



A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected call from Nathan Ota. Nathan Ota aka Cooz was an old classmate from University High School. Nate and I both got away with murder at Uni Hi. Our art teachers bailed us out of trouble time and time again. I’ll save those stories for another time. We both won National Scholastic art awards and received art scholarships out of high school, but more importantly we started out graffiti careers together. Cooz and I were In WCA together, we traveled the city painting whatever walls we could find. We went to different schools and lost contact, however I often wondered what happened to him. He told me he had heard some of his students at Otis Parsons talk about me and had been loosely following me, but had not told any of them he was an old writer. One day he had come across some students doing some sort of Graffiti project at school and couldn’t resist the itch to catch a throw up. After that, he dropped some science on his students about old school graffiti. He got my info from them and gave me a call. After catching up I told him I was painting a wall downtown and invited him to stop by.  It was great seeing Nathan, a few days later he came by my studio to check out some of my work and show me what he has been working on as well. His stuff was awesome! I showed him some of the newer paint brands and he played with some cans.

IMG_0116Not bad after 25 years!!!!

IMG_0131After a little while we started free styling and we knew we had to do some collaborations ….

We decided to do a few things I.E. I would go speak to his students, and he would come do a meet and greet at the MONTANA LA store. We also decided to do a few collaboration pieces for a few upcoming gallery shows. At the galleries request I can’t post those photos yet  but here’s the Montana collaboration and his signing at the store…..

background art01101.1j001pgthe Rhand off to Nathan OtaIMG_0233

WILD ONES….”One day you’ll learn to get tight and paint Loose”….

The WILD ONES X RISK series is getting ready to ship now….. MAXX 242 came by the studio on Monday to shoot the shit, talk graff and play with some cans…… I have been really into some Dennis Hoppers stuff lately. I was checking out the recent book put out on his current “Double Standard” show at MOCA, and I came across a quote by Thomas Hart Benton, A legendary painter and one of Dennis Hopper’s art teachers. It said,”One  day you’ll learn to get tight and paint loose” I couldn’t get this out of my head. It played in my head over and over, This was the missing element in all the deconstructed graffiti I have been currently working on in the studio. The next morning with this in mind I painted this wild ones piece….