Monthly Archives: December 2010


I had an awesome time at Art Basel. I painted a few murals, did a few pieces, and all my pieces sold out in the Sanrio show. But most of all I saw friends from around the world that I haven’t seen in a long time. Pound for pound I have not seen such a group of talent and influence in one place….Goodtimes!!!  The whole Miami experience as a whole was so cool, the guys at Black Flys sunglasses sent Willie T, to capture everything on film. Willie got so much great footage he decided to do a few short  videos capturing the whole week! I can’t wait to see them!…

Since I’m still traveling and it will take me a while to put together a proper photo essay of the experience  I’ll throw up one of the walls Smash and I did in the meantime….

risk-smashThis piece was originally dubbed Can Massacre by Smash, he had the idea to use knives and stab all the cans for the first base coat of color. With the deconstruction stuff I’ve been doing in the studio and the crack can stuff Smash has been doing it was the perfect cinergi. We later refined the splashes of color and shaped then into some letter formations. When we were done something that Dennis Hopper said came to mind LOUD AND CLEAR…..Get tight and Paint loose…..So true, so real….GOODTIMES!!!!!


This was Rivals Bedroom back in the day…..WRITE IN PEACE my brotha, he was one of the original power RRRRRRR’s from the west…. It seemed liked there were so many heavy hitters with the first letter being R…. Rival, Rev, Retna, Revok, Rime, etc..


This was just an old piece I liked a lot. I did it in 91, it was a freestyle burner ( no pun intended) and its still running…. Everything about it reminds me of the times…flames, crisp clean fat cap, realistic shadowing on characters, and letters in the fill. Also it’s when I was really getting busy in the clothing game with Third Rail….Goodtimes!!!


This piece was pretty new but it reminded me of back in the day with Slick. He called me to come down and check him out, a few weeks ago. I free styled a quick piece on the “DIS IZ IT” printers warehouse. When I went home I was thinking about the old days with him, dropping pieces on the drop of a dime everywhere and anywhere. Pioneering the street wear game, doing everything against the grain, etc. Years later were still doing the same things, but different! Were a lot more comfortable!… GOODTIMES!!!!


Old Records Never Die

Came across these two album covers. These records were mind boggling to me. Futura having his own record with The Clash! About graffiti! He did a series of four and the backs all went together to make one image. I never found the others, I still search sometimes. And this JellyBean whotupski cover by Seen and Duster UA. I remember staring at this and seeing the whole roof top done up. I always wondered what the building was, where it was, and if this was canvas or directly on the roof. Regardless I knew it was in New York and I set out that summer to find it. My first trip to NY, was the following summer, I hit a roof top…..




Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in Sanrio’s Hello Kitty show. The show took place during Art Basel in Miami. Having three young daughters and anticipating tons of Hello Kitty swag, I jumped at the opportunity! It was an awesome show, and I had a great time! Here’s some pf the pieces I did for the show. They all sold and I am in the process of doing a new series….







Risky8BIGThe last one was a little bigger. it’s my favorite one…..