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Museum Of Contemporary Art LA ….Bus

One of the things I contributed to the MOCA Art In The Streets Show was an era correct RTD bus…Here’s some shots of the progress through completion….

First thing I did was give it a fresh coat of paint with the RTD striped theme….The bus had been sitting in a bus grave yard for years and needed a little love…

IMG_1153IMG_1157IMG_1158Then the rain came and blew the cover off during the night, the paint wasn’t cured so it bubbled…. I had to scrape it and do it over

IMG_1161Finally time to start painting….


Then the next side…..


Off to MOCA…

IMG_1205Jeffrey Deitch at The Art In The Streets show at Museum Of  Contemporary Art Los Angeles,
Press Conference….IMG_1283

All 3 Curators… Roger Gastman, Jeffrey Deitch, and Aron Rose….