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Last week, I went to Boston to participate in a lecture at the MFA. It was an honor and a pleasure. The panel consisted of Roger Gastman, author and associate curator of “Art in The Streets,” L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art, Jen Mergel, Senior curator of contemporary art Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Caleb Neelon, artist and author of The History of American Graffiti, and myself. We explored the history, from underground to mainstream, shifting perceptions of graffiti, from unpopular to popular, illegal to celebrated. I discussed my work, the evolution of Graffiti in L.A. and the world over. Following the panel we had a book signing where I had the opportunity to meet some local writers and discuss current graffiti issues. Thanks to everyone in Boston! GOODTIMES!!!!

Screen shot 2011-09-30 at 5.24.39 PMScreen shot 2011-09-30 at 5.24.58 PMIMG_2117oh yea, and I had to get up!!!!….


Rhode Island Day trip

Recently I took a trip to Boston to speak at the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts. I had a day to kill so a friend of mine took me to Rhode Island for a day trip. We stumbled across free graffiti zone! I was like WHAT!!! This is crazy! Even the city officials of a small Rhode Island suburb make Los Angeles city officials look like cavemen! We only had a few minutes so I got busy and threw up a little piece to support the cause… Goodtimes!


A Travesty In The Hood

“I am not really sure what to write here other than another beautiful mural in Los Angeles is gone. This one was named “Only Time Will Tell”. Murals in LA are a endangered species not only from the law makers with vendettas but people pasting advertisements over them. This is the fourth mural in a month that has been destroyed by advertisers using street art tactics. Its part of the game to get dissed by jealous haters, or buffed beige by the city, but it is especially difficult to swallow when a nonprofit raising awareness for a noble cause decides to blatantly disrespect you. I hope that every time I blow a head gasket over this issue people become more aware that they are encroaching into a world they obviously don’t understand and that there is a code of conduct that must be respected. Murals are our artistic legacy in Los Angeles and we as Angelinos need to be protect them……”


The nonprofit group Falling Whistles is sorry for the destruction of the mural.

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