Monthly Archives: October 2011

THIRD RAIL …Goodtimes!!!

People keep asking about Third Rail. Here’s a few of “thousands” of old party and trade show shots…

This piece is an old Risk piece in the Third Rail store. I was hanging at the store with Abel and we decided to hit the wall.  Abel rocked the character, it was Third Rail devil logo morphed into a can…. Goodtimes!


This is Jenna Jameson and Niki Tyler signing posters at our trade show booth in Vegas after a rough night! They used to come to the trade shows with us and sign posters and rage. We usually had one main party but it lasted about 4 days. On the main party night, we usually had the home team headlining, Cypress Hill, House Of pain, or Everlast…. Goodtimes!


Speaking of parties, this is Perry Farrell. jumping on stage with Sun Doobie. I think Cypress and House of Pain played this party…


This was banner I rocked at The Action Sports Retailer show in San Diego. I always liked that piece…


Hugh Hefner and the girls next door before they were his girlfriends, were always repping around Hollywood…


Kid Rock jumped on the team toward the end. That’s a whole other story!!!! Goodtimes!!!!! Wild Motha &*$#!!!!!