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RISK…Beautifully Destroyed….

Came across this searching the web the other day…… All I can say is well put, No comment….

Risk has been working on a series of pieces called “beautifully destroyed” where he paints totally mundane objects. By painting these random ordinary objects with beautiful splashes of color He exposes the dynamic power of color. He believes he has found the root of his graffiti addiction through color and architecture. (for more on this visit his site Rumor has it pieces have randomly disappeared across the United States and reappeared the next day “beautifully destroyed”….
We think the artist objective is to “give back” and let these pieces take their course in society. Unfortunately the public does not get a chance to enjoy these pieces very long.
They are usually stolen very quickly and sold to collectors for exuberant prices. The artist does not get any money from this and we don’t get to enjoy them, maybe this is the “course” of our mad society…..