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MORPHIK BRAND…Launches artists series

A few months back I was approached by Morphik about participating in their artists series of bracelets. They explained it was wearable art and I was a little confused. Then they told me the line up of artists fro the project.  A few of the artist were old friends of mine and a few were some people I have a lot of respect for.  At this point I was really curious to see the product. When I saw the quality of the product I signed on. It’s pretty cool, my daughters hung them in their room and they look pretty cool! Here’s one of the bracelets that were released today….

RISK_Br-1The pieces go in these little framed boxes…

Artwork_Boxthe case has a slot on the back so they can be hung on the wall…

Artwork_installed_on_the_walland this is the band box…


Here’s their company profile….enjoy…



Nathan Ota, asked me to do a sketch in his boo, then he handed me this tiny little black book about the size of a cell phone! lol good times!

IMG_0566READ MORE F&*%#! BOOKS Ran into Read and Harsh somehwere on some road trip…Good times!!

IMG_2513A metal and neon sculpture installation…

IMG_2798get up, get up, get up….Hanging out with Revok, Rime and Haze one day in the alley…Good times!



This one was filed in the round basket…


A few months back I did a mural for HEAL THE BAY. It was for a great cause and we were later awarded for the project.  It felt great, a lot of great people stepped up and we formed the AT RISK FOUNDATION. Last year we launched the foundation with the “Oceans At Risk” campaign which will raise money and awareness to the jeopardized water ways leading to, and the ocean itself. However once again the powers that be, had something to say. Any reason to slam a graffiti artist! We were fined 65,000.00.  It was later dismissed after public outrage and a few pro bono lawyers!!! Good times!!!

Mad Society Buckshot


This year at Basel I noticed a few people did some out of the box stuff, so they didn’t get lost in the massive graff explosion…This was one of my favorites! So cool, to see 50 back to back characters stretch down the wall…good stuff!!!

get-attachment-1SABER at OCCUPY LA

Cleaning off my Desk top and I came across the shot Saber sent me. So cool! He made this big flag which was actually protest signs. He left it out by city hall and let everyone grab and use panels to protest at the rally. Good Stuff!

IMG_2195REVOK in the studio

Came home from a little trip to SF the other day. I walked in the studio and Bam! I was totally hyped on this banger that Revok did for the collection! Good times!IMG_3251


A few months back I had the opportunity to go spend some time with my brother Revok. It was really nice to get away from all the bullshit and politics going on at home right now! This piece was one of my favorite pieces this year, no agenda, nothing but pure old rock the wall stuff with one of your brothas! Good Times!!!



Recently Montana cans sent Revok, Abel and myself down to long beach to do some live painting at the Agenda Show. It was a two day party, but we manged to get in some painting. Here’s a few shots…

Abel making me look good!


The man the myth… Revok


Mad Society Shout out….


last one, we were running out of steam, never caught a finished shot with letters on the carpet…


My daughter wanted to get busy….


She pointed out a quick tag, pretty cool….


my new shoes just came in at the Osiris booth inside.,… GOOD TIMES!!!