Monthly Archives: May 2013

Key Club…. end of an era

When I heard the KEY CLUB was shutting the doors. I had to go visit one last time. I remember when it was the legendary Gazzarris. I used to sneak and see Bands like Guns and Roses and Motley Crue playing shows there when I was in High School. I remember all the crazy stories about Van Halen and The Doors from the older kids at the time. It was definitely a legendary good time. Sorry to See it go….Definitely an end of an era…..

After we hit the place pretty hard they buffed it. Gregory Siff and I went back the next night and we did our tribute to the Sunset Strip….Good times….

I had to hit a piece above the back door that I slid into a million times….had to catch a few last tags in the bathroom and other spots I wouldn’t normally hit….