Monthly Archives: May 2014


Recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys from Aerosmith. Turns out they are big street art fans and really into art as a whole. Joe Perry wanted to go bombing so we  went out one night and hit some Aerosmith pieces. He was so into it we went about five nights in a row. They invited me to a private show at the Whiskey with Slash playing with them. It was awesome! I  painted a canvas for Joe which he used as a backdrop for their press conference. The overall experience was one of my funnest graffiti experiences ever. The band also made a some clothes designed around the pieces. Below are a few shots of the week. Some of the good ones were not allowed for legal reasons…..turns out the TMZ segment captured the attention of some over zealous officials….GOODTIMES!!!!!!


Canvas I did that was used at the press conference. We tried to open up the show with me finishing painting on stage but the fire marshal shut us down…..

First piece that got Joe hooked first night…..


Next piece Joe said lets go big!….


few more of many, can’t show some…..