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Risk at Rock on the Range 2015 in Columbus, OH

Last week, 12ozProphet’s Birdman went to Columbus, OH with West Coast-based artist Risk to paint at the largest rock music festival of the year, Rock on the Range. The festival is an ongoing project that Risk started this year after having teamed up with Danny Wymmer Presents to go on tour with his festivals to create the world’s largest interactive mural. Thus far he has done two festivals and has a goal of  completing ten. So far about 15,000 people have painted on the walls. The goal: 100,000 people and a 10,000 square foot mural.

The process starts with Risk painting a wall in his beautifully destroyed process. Then, festival goers paint on the wall throughout the day. At the end of the day, the wall is broken down and shipped back to his studio and another wall is constructed for the next day… READ MORE HERE.

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risk artwork

Risk Donates Artwork to LA Fire Foundation Gala

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti paid tribute to firefighters as he was honored himself Wednesday, March 25, at the second annual Fire Foundation Gala at theAvalon in Hollywood.

The event honors California’s heroic firefighters who put their own safety on the line every day.

Funds were raised from an auction of some very cool items, including concert tickets and sports memorabilia – and the evening’s host even threw in her shoes. The funds go to the families of fallen firefighters and also aids victims of fire and other natural disasters…. READ MORE HERE

risk artwork