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I made a quick trip to London to check out a huge upcoming project. I was in and out but I had the pleasure of hanging with some great old friends and met a few new ones! Good times!

In between the rain I had time to fit in a quick one with Remi Rough and Solo One….It was short, but fun to catch up and lie to each other about the good old days!…Good times!….

IMG_3918I also managed to make it to the Tate Modern with some friends and check out the Damien Hirst retrospective. It was awesome, I had to snap a few shots….

The Shark…IMG_3892

The Cow….IMG_3893

The other side of The Cow….IMG_3895

After the Blek Le Rat show we went a local Pub and drank way too much! We were there with the equivalent of the Vandal Squad in London, wish I had that one on film, We busted each others balls about hitting the tube and bought each other beers….Good times….This Banksy piece in the alley adjacent to the pub…IMG_3850Speaking of Banksy, I now get the full impact of his use of the surveillance Cameras…The Cameras in London were CRAZY!!!!!IMG_3855