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I got a call to come down to the Banksy,  “Exit Through The GIFT SHOP” premier. They asked me if I wanted to catch a few tags on the red carpet. They added and help some of the lesser coordinated celebrities hold the cans properly as they attempted to catch tags. My mind started running with the possibilities. I got their early surveyed the situation and waited for my moment to get busy. By the time they saw what was going on I was almost done. When the owner of the limo started freaking out, The Banksy camp handled it like champs. They, laughed, handed me an all access pass and shuffled me in. In all the confusion the tags crept off the graffiti designated truck and onto the limo. When I came out The Limo was completely BOMBED!!!

movie sign

Waiting in the cut as they set up ….

red carpetAs the tow truck was parked after dropping off the box trailer that was supposed to be tagged, I saw my opportunity and started…

kneeling between tow truckWhen the Tow truck pulled out, The shit started hitting the fan, I had to hurry up….

action shotChanel 7 ABC, catching the drama about the bombed limo confusion…

chanle 7Super Quick, but gotter done….

finished ieceWhen I came out that night after the after party, That thing was BOMBEDDD!

night limo shot

Another great night! Good times!!!

night shot