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Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve been asked to do this year. I participated in NBC’s The American Spirit special. Many great Americans have been asked to participate in this special over the years. The segment airs during the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Only  in America can a graffiti artist be celebrated along side President Obama and second man to walk on the moon Buzz Aldrin!   My father was on his death bed when he heard the news of this segment. We have battled over graffiti and my decision to be an artist fro many years when I was younger. I’ll never forget his smile. I was proud to give him a little light in those last few days. Rest In Peace pops!



Last month Coors Light offered to sponsor a mural. They said paint whatever you want to do and when your done invite a couple hundred of your friends and we’ll cater a party for the unveil. They once again did a top notch job. They had a few DJ’s, few bars , hors d’oeuvres, ice sculptures, give aways and a few coors light models handing out swag. GOOD TIMES! Thank you Coors light!view from the roof top…



I recently spent a few weeks in Canada with the good people from Graffiti Art Programing Inc. and the Graffiti Gallery Winnipeg. It was truly a pleasure. I had a chance to paint a few murals, and conduct a few seminars for some of their teachers, as well as work with some of the kids. After seeing the great things they are doing for their community and the amazing results. I wanted to be a part of it. I decided to let them auction off my installation piece for the cause. This piece is 12ft. by 12 ft. and it is comprised of street signs from the immediate area. The piece is called “A SIGN OF THE TIMES” and it represents change and growth. These signs have all been used to re route, re direct, show the way, or simply warn people of what to watch out for. The signs are all elements of the locale. The signs are simple and mundane yet can be dynamic when juxtaposed and painted. Similar to why we paint dilapidated buildings and or trains.


Last week I had the honor to participate in the 30th year anniversary screening of STYLE WARS. I painted live and watched Style Wars on the big screen at the ACADEMY hollywood, OSCARS outdoors. Legendary graffiti artist Skeme and Director Henry Chalfant did a Q&A after the screening. It was awesome! KCRW put this event together.  They are  a great station and they have always supported me as well as many local artist. I had the pleasure of designing their T shirts this year, and my Daughters were pleasantly surprised to see the temporary tattoos they made with my design. I also haad a chance to hang with Skeme who was always one of my favorite writers. I had to ask if he still doodles and he laughed. (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand) It was also great to catch up with Henry and take share some time with him on the other side of the lens. Good times!

Skeme circa 1982


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Prague with my friends from Osiris shoes. It was their international sales meeting. I saw their upcoming line, and went over some future Risk series shoes. Amongst all the business we had a great time. I  participated in a Big Lebowski bowling tournament, saw an incredible skate contest a the famous Mystic Skate park, and of course fit a few pieces in….Good times!

I did this piece on a canvas at Mystic Skate park. They auctioned it off to help raise money for the local flood victims. Unfortunately they had a flood that cause a lot of damage a few days prior to our arrival. The local Skate shop, Horse Feathers, Osiris, and Mystic Skate park organized the benefit with the local TV station. Great people! Good times! We left this piece for Horse Feathers, the local skate shop. They had a great display of my stuff.  The shop is insane! If anyone has any of the shots of the display please send them! I didn’t get any….