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Sunset Strip Gibson Guitar Tribute For Joe Perry

A few weeks ago I was asked to do another Sunset strip Gibson Guitar installation. Last year I did the Doors guitar and this year I was asked to do my friend and bombing partner in crime Joe Perry’s tribute guitar.  I was super stoked and the whole ordeal was a non stop great time! Here are a few progress shots of the guitar and backstage at the LA show.



Last year I had the pleasure of doing the Doors tribute guitar for the Gibson guitar/Sunset music festival project. I really enjoyed the project and wanted to do one with neon. A private collector recently commissioned me to do 2 new guitars so I had the opportunity to do one with neon. My friends at Nights of Neon have been teaching me how to bend my own glass so I went down and proceeded to burn my fingers some more. Good times!

another one in progress…

Last years DOORS guitar with Robbie Krieger