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Risk & Seen Go To Paris! – The (R)Evolution of RISK and SEEN


Coming from two opposite sides of America, SEEN and RISK witnessed the movement of graffiti all the way through, from different perspectives and career paths. Starting off at a very young age, SEEN turn to art at a very young age, and wrote his first graffiti on subway trains in his teens. Known for bringing super heroes and comic book figures to life, he turned to other mediums throughout the past decade, making pieces out of discarded materials and mixed media. Same is said for RISK, who was among the first graffiti artists in Los Angeles and is still famous for his unique letterforms and influential way of making pieces. RISK founded a graffiti crew called WCA aka West Coast Artists, together with a fellow artist RIVAL and . . . READ MORE HERE.

12ozProphet News: Buckshot… Risk Opens a New Gallery in Santa Monica

The founders of the Los Angeles graffiti seen were on hand for an explosive opening at Buckshot Gallery in Santa Monica. the new indoor outdoor gallery space featured amazing customized graffiti skulls by RISKSEEN, Everlast from House of Pain, Kenny Scharf, SABER and many other contemporary masters. the works themselves were lively and well thought out, ranging from fun to metaphysical. The backyard of the gallery served as a party space with krinks, Black Books even Louis Vuitton bags being handed around for world famous taggers to decorate

At 2 a.m. security and bartenders were spent as the party goers refused to leave. word came down from Risky himself “he said keep it goin.” the phrase passed from Risk to the seven foot security guards to the bartenders in a what looked like a bizarre mix of an adult version of “telephone.” The bartenders collapsed upon hearing these words and simply put all the booze and drinks on the counter and stumbled back on to the bags of ice behind the bar.

– Click Here to Visit BuckshotGallery.com –