The sculptures come from a discussion with famed California Artist Ed Moses. Risk asked Ed Moses once why spiders were a reoccurring theme in Moses paintings. Ed Moses replied that it was a process of "facing your fears."  Moses was afraid of spiders. Risk took that advice and started the "Face Your Fears" sculpture series. Inspired by Damien Hirst's "Natural History Series," Risk, as a surfer decided to do a series of shark sculptures from reclaimed items. His first sculpture however was a real LAPD Police Cruiser intricately cut in half length wise. Risk explained that "If you are a graffiti artist, the real predators are the police."  

“The new generation of graffiti artists are much more knowledgeable about art and politics. As art becomes more popular we have to speak to different generations. Damien Hirst once referred to the shark as the worlds greatest predator and I thought, well if you ask someone in the hood what the worlds biggest predator was they may reply the Police. They cruise the hood like a shark cruises the ocean at the top of the food chain. They have all these rats out there chumming the water and they come scoop them up. They may even supposedly mistake your marker for a gun and shoot you for tagging a wall. They are the real predators. I thought it would be great to throw a cop in a glass tank of formaldehyde but that was too easy a concept so I decided to do a police car. A car is the opposite of a living being but in the case of a police car, equally as menacing. I kept thinking back to the natural History Series by Hirst and I was drawn to a few things that stood out. Of course the pig resonated with me because well...a cop is a so called pig. so I thought slicing the car like bacon was only appropriate. I say this in jest, I have many friends that are police I don't think all cops are our enemies but I also don't believe all cops are not our enemies.” 

- Risk

Legendary LA artist Kelly “Risk” Graval’s new sculpture series debuted at the mega successful “Beyond The

Streets” exhibit. The intriguing series came out of a conversation with painter Ed Moses shortly before he

passed away. Moses encouraged Risk to embrace things that he is afraid of. According to Risk “I was fascinated with Damien Hirst’s Natural History series. So earlier this year I started the series for the “Beyond the Streets”

show. The new shark was a natural progression, it scratched two important itches and let me continue the

series”. Made entirely of found objects that the artist personally curates, Risk’s new shark series is a powerful

example of how this multi dimensional artist continues to break new ground.

LA Weekly Magazin